Good Pictures/Bad Camera: Year Four (2015)

Black Lives, Gray Matters (New York Stands With Baltimore)

Answered Prayers

Juno (105th to 42nd Street)

Good Pictures/Bad Camera: Year Three (2014)

DSC01743The Best of Year Three

I’ll Stop The World (& Melt With You)

El Barrio Is Burning

The Blessing of The Ocean

Bob Hill’s America

Ready-Made Objects

Highlander (The Atlantic Highlands)

The Innocent & The Damned

Brooklyn Bridge at Break of Dawn

Winter Garden

Old Rag

Smile (& The World Remains Ambivalent)

More Bridges, Fewer Walls

Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly With Thy God

Equal Justice, Equal Opportunity, Equal Dignity

(All Year Three images taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H200 digital camera.)

Good Pictures/Bad Camera: Year Two (2013)

Fog A 118

Best of Year Two

The Fog

Grand Central @ 100

Color (Black & White)

This Is Wildwood, New Jersey

City Lights

The Snow


Old Dominion (Pt. I – The Mother of States)

Old Dominion (Pt. II – Into The Wild)

Old Dominion (Pt. III – Tiny Furniture)

The First Point of Wisdom

Last Stop on the 6

Rock-Rock-Rockaway Beach

Across 110th Street

The Lonesome Death of Spalding Gray

I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight

This Is Princeton University (Part I)

This Is Princeton University (Part II)

And This Is Penn

This Is Harvard, MIT

And This Is Yale

Fete Paradiso

The Space Between

The Beast of The Earth

And The Band Played On


The Morning After

The Turning of The Nighttime Into Day

Sign of The Times

The Writing’s On The Wall

Christmas, Doors & Windows

The Gap

They Shall Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares

From The High End to The Low (East)

From The High End to The Low (West)

A House of Prayer

Sunday Morning

Sundown, Southeast of Union Square

Red Neon Tuesday

On The Waterfront

Rock of Ages

Locked Groove (Lou Reed Is Dead)

Rome Among The Ruins

(All Year Two images taken with a Canon PowerShot A1300 digital camera.)

Good Pictures/Bad Camera: Year One (2012)

Consumption 033Best of: Year One

Night & Day

Bedford Avenue & Beyond

Bar Harbor Is Just Bangor: Pt. I

Bar Harbor Is Just Bangor: Pt. II

That Thou Mayest Be Kept From the Evil That Would Overwhelm Thee

West Village Morning


Beauty & Despair

Governors Island

Greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey

Spanish Harlem Afternoon

Odds and Sods

Wedding in Red Bank

Coney Island Holiday

The Upper West Slide

Set Adrift on the Mighty Chesapeake

Summer in the City

Manhattan Morning

The Battle of New York

The Morningside Beat

Down By the River

Odds & Sods (Pt. II)

Wall Street Daily


The Dickensian Aspect

I’m Wide Awake (It’s Morning)

Sandy (Scenes from an Upper East Side Neighborhood)

The Romney Platform

The Big Picture

Frosted Windowpanes

From Midtown to the Park

(All Year One images taken with a Canon PowerShot A495 digital camera.)