(An ongoing, nonfiction serial about Wildwood, childhood & life after drinking)

Season One

  1. Prologue: Confessions of a Teenage Cliff Diver
  2. I’m 18 (& I Don’t Know What I Want)
  3. Maple Street Memories
  4. 10 Pounds Worth of Potatoes (Inside a 5-Pound Sack)
  5. A Partial List of People I’ve Somehow Wronged Due to Drinking Over The Past 20 Years
  6. Wild Bobby’s Circus Story
  7. In the Cold, Cold Night
  8. Bob Barker (& The Legend of Tin Can Alley)
  9. The Things We Think (& Do Not Say)
  10. A Very Rough Estimate of How Much Money I’ve Spent on Alcohol Over the Past 20 Years
  11. Fester & The Felchers
  12. The Season Finale

Season Two

  1. Mountaineers
  2. Love Story
  3. A List of 50 Factors That May Have Contributed to My Binge Drinking Over the Years
  4. Fish & Company
  5. Junior, Sales Associate
  6. A Stack of Bills
  7. The Abyss
  8. An Alphabetized List of 52 Odd Places I’ve Passed Out/Woken Up Due to Drinking Over the Years
  9. All Quiet on The Wildwood Front
  10. One Year in the Making
  11. Home

Season Three

  1. Why Do We Fall?
  2. The Vacationer
  3. Games People Play
  4. Tradewinds
  5. An Alphabetical List of 57 Ailments, Injuries & Conditions That My Binge Drinking Has Either Caused or Contributed to Over The Years
  6. What Goes Up
  7. Every Road Leads Back to Wildwood
  8. The Return of Junior, Sales Associate
  9. Things That Go Bump In The Night
  10. The Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet
  11. The Year of Losing Dangerously

Season Four

  1. New York
  2. Graduation
  3. Florida (AKA The Broken Wand)
  4. A List of 37 Crimes & Misdemeanors I’ve Committed While Under the Influence of Alcohol
  5. Escalation
  6. The Night They Drove Old Dallas Down
  7. A Tale of Being Young & Dumb & Black in America
  8. 42 Out-of-Context Comments Regarding My Binge-Drinking That Regularly Come Back to Haunt Me
  9. Red Valiant
  10. The End

Season Five

  1. A Slight Return
  2. A Murder on Park Boulevard
  3. A Dime & A Dream
  4. The Year of Going There (& Back Again)
  5. A Faustian Bargain (AKA Those Wildwood Nights)
  6. Blowout
  7. The Long Walk Back

Season Six

  1. Manslaughter
  2. The Apartment
  3. An Alphabetical List of the 63 Most Embarrassing Things I’ve Done as a Result
    of My Drinking
  4. The Tadpole & The Scorpion
  5. Turning Heel
  6. Burnout
  7. Jen
  8. Schism

Season Seven

  1. The Sightseer
  2. Hellcat Maggie & Dirty Dingus Magee
  3. On Four Years of Not Having Sex
  4. Like a Bridle Over Shipwrecked Waters
  5. The King of All Dimes

Season Eight


Season Nine (The Final Season)

  1. The Park Is Closed
  2. The Turn of The Century
  3. And Then There Were None
  4. They Came Early, They Stayed Late
  5. FIRE
  6. The European Carousel
  7. Epilogue: The Year of Moving On

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