Sarah Jaffe @ The Mercury Lounge, 2/22

Sarah Jaffe returned to New York City last night with a new look, a new sound, and a new album to promote. The Body Wins, which is slated to drop on April 24th, is a stark contrast to Jaffe’s 2010 debut, Suburban Nature. She’s traded in the acoustic guitar for a Fender bass, adding depth and atmosphere to her stripped-down set via echo, effects, and a buzz-beating pulse.

The growing pains were evident throughout the show, as Jaffe’s band struggled to take flight – requiring considerable time to make adjustments between almost every song. There were occasional bright spots, most notably during “Clementine” – a well-known acoustic number that represents the backbone of Jaffe’s catalog. But the overall mood was sullen, and the energy was spare, leaving the entire audience to wonder if the hour-long set was just an off-night, or par for the course.

Jaffe’s new look is pretty awesome, though. Very Blade Runner.