Film Capsule: All In: The Poker Movie

From French aristocrats to World War II vets; from Riverboat Dandies to Texas Rounders. From The Mayfair Club to the New York school; from the living rooms to Las Vegas. From the sharks to the suckers; from the mavericks to mechanics. From the independents to degenerates, from the skill players to the cons. From the back rooms to the main floor; from the back alley to the marquee. From Wild Bill to the World Series; Texas Hold ’em to Total Poker. From Johnny Moss to Amarillo Slim; Dunson Broyle to Bobby Baldwin. From Stuie Ungar to Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson to Chris Moneymaker. From sheep sheering to skinning; five minutes to a lifetime. From spotting the sucker to being the sucker; from a science to an art. From Straight-Deal to Stud; Up the River, Down. From Low-Bail to High-Stakes; All-In to Ante-Out. From Five-Card to Seven; Community to Draw. From boosting your bankroll to coming up bust; from winning the game to getting out of town. From the rake to the take; the raise to the call. From the fanfare to the folklore; from Rounders to The Sting … From beginning to end, All-in Poker somehow manages to cover all that and more. And it does so via in-depth analysis from some the game’s greatest players, historians, innovators and critics – all of whom agree that whether you love poker or hate it, it’s difficult to dispute the impact it’s had on our culture, as well as the multi-billion dollar industry it’s helped build.

Highly recommended.

(All-In: The Poker Movie opens at New York City’s Cinema Village on Friday, March 23rd, with a national rollout – including VOD – to follow)