Film Capsule: The Avengers

Go see The Avengers. It’s light, and silly, and it doesn’t get bogged down with details. Scarlett Johansson looks hot, Robert Downey, Jr. is superb, and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is good enough that it may actually merit yet-another reboot of that franchise (Keep an eye out for one scene, in particular, during which Loki, the super-evil bad guy, does for the Incredible Hulk what the Cairo Swordsmen did for Indy).

How can you go wrong, right?

But wait! there’s more … including the final big-screen trailers for The Amazing Spider Man and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as a climactic battle for all of mankind on the war-torn streets of midtown Manhattan, just like Superman II.

Anyway, forget about the fact that Captain America was weak, both Hulks and Thor were just OK, and Iron Man 2 basically mailed the whole thing in. The Avengers does more than compensate for all of that, and it also promises to move the story forward somewhere around the Summer of 2015.

The End.