Moving On: An Alphabetized List of 52 Odd Places I’ve Passed Out/Woken Up Due to Drinking Over the Years

  1. A basement in Long Island (that I incorrectly assumed was a basement in Virginia)
  2. A beach
  3. A boardwalk stockroom
  4. A boiler room
  5. A car trunk
  6. A cowfield
  7. A full tub
  8. A jail cell
  9. A lawnshed
  10. A public bathroom stall
  11. A rooming house bathroom (naked, no less)
  12. A street corner in Center City, Philadelphia
  13. A walk-in closet
  14. Alongside the railroad tracks in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania
  15. An empty tub
  16. An equipment closet
  17. Delaware (in the rear cab of a hatchback, after blacking out in Philadelphia the night before)
  18. In a crib
  19. In a puddle of my own piss
  20. In a sauna
  21. In a vacant first-floor apartment one block south of Madison Square Garden
  22. In an apartment I broke into three weeks after my lease expired
  23. In bed with a different girl than the girl I’d fallen asleep with
  24. In my friend Dave’s backyard
  25. In my friend Joe’s backyard
  26. In my girlfriend’s father’s house (while she & her family were away on vacation)
  27. In the back of a school bus
  28. Inside a children’s playhouse
  29. Inside an elevator
  30. Inside someone
  31. On a chaise lounge in a hotel courtyard
  32. On a complete stranger’s front porch
  33. On the side of Tussey Mountain
  34. The 700-level of Veteran’s Stadium
  35. The arboretum behind Swarthmore College
  36. The Atlantic City Bus Terminal
  37. The Atlantic City Rail Terminal
  38. The back room of a business office
  39. The backseat of a squad car
  40. The basement stockroom of a neighborhood bar on the Upper East Side
  41. The driver’s seat of an idling vehicle
  42. The dunes in Ocean City, New Jersey
  43. The fourth floor of an abandoned rooming house in Wildwood, New Jersey
  44. The laundry room of a friend’s house I let myself into
  45. The New York City Port Authority
  46. The Penn State Delco Gymnasium (during the first day of orientation)
  47. The reading room of a public library
  48. 30th Street Station, Philadelphia
  49. Under my parents’ Christmas tree
  50. Underneath a blanket of mineral wool ceiling tiles
  51. Underneath a pile of laundry
  52. Underneath a pile of trash

Day 318

(Moving On is a regular feature on IFB)

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