5 Facts & 10 Opinions Regarding Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’

  • Fact: For a while there, Liam Neeson was attached to play the role of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Fact: At the red-carpet premiere of Lincoln, Steven Spielberg told Access Hollywood he would not consider directing Disney’s upcoming Star Wars film.
  • Fact: Daniel Day-Lewis became so immersed in the role of Lincoln, he would sometimes sign off on emails and texts using the president’s trademark “– A“.
  • Fact: The names of several Senators who voted against the 13th Amendment were changed in Spielberg’s film in deference to their descendants.
  • Fact: Daniel Day-Lewis will win the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Opinion: Tony Kushner’s script feels extremely hunkered down, as if it were specifically written to be performed upon a stage (and may very well end up there).
  • Opinion: James Spader’s performance is very good. Tommy Lee Jones’ performance is even better.
  • Opinion: After two remarkably miscast roles in The Amazing Spider-Man and Lincoln, it may be time to set Sally Field back in mothballs.
  • Opinion: Daniel Day-Lewis’s transformation into Lincoln is so complete that, more often than not, audiences will find themselves hard-pressed to spot the slightest hint of an actor hiding underneath all that pallor.
  • Opinion: You can feel the able hand of Steven Spielberg throughout, inserting feel-good elements to keep the entire film from veering into darkness.
  • Opinion: Lincoln will be nominated for AT LEAST five academy awards – Score, Costumes and Make-up among them.
  • Opinion: We used to look to textbooks as a means of rewriting history. Now we look to movies.
  • Opinion: Forget everything you might’ve heard about states’ rights. The major point Spielberg’s film seems intent upon driving home, time and again, is that the Civil War begins and ends with the struggle to abolish slavery.
  • Opinion: Politicians have been using God as justification for their own prejudices since the dawning of mankind.
  • Opinion: Daniel Day-Lewis will win the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.

(Lincoln is currently open in limited release, with a national rollout to follow this Friday.)