Marina Abramovic on Self-Actualization (2012)

“I think that the most important thing for any human being to understand is who you are and why you are on this planet. What is your purpose? For somebody, their entire purpose is to be mother, and to be free to have children and reproduce. And another person need to be architect, and another person need to be baker and bake the bread; and another one, a gardener. I mean, every single human being has his own quality, and the most important is to find your own center in life, and to understand who you are, and not spend energy doubting. The biggest problem, especially with young people, is doubt. Y’know, there are so much things to presume, and you like this, and then you don’t like that; then you try this or try that. And you’re losing so much energy, and you’re losing yourself, and you’re losing perspective on who you are. The moment you find who you are, and you know your purpose, then, ‘This is it.'”