Galleria: Sunrise/Sunset by Charles Jarboe @ The Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

central-park-autumn-charles-jarboeThere is something about the texture of oil on canvas. Maybe it’s the weighted dabs, or the way the fabric’s stretched across a wooden frame. But either way, that type of artwork retains a certain calming sheen, perpetuated by an intense appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.

In that spirit comes Sunrise/Sunset – a stunning collection of landscape paintings from both the city and the country, depicting the type of moment that sticks with you specifically because of its unseemly ambiance. Sundown in the city, twilight in the valley, the far-off glow of a country house through the clearing – Jarboe draws out the crucial elements of each scene in such a way that it kind of makes your heart ache, either for having been there and done that, or wishing
that you could.

Charles Jarboe is in his late fifties now, and the newer work reflects the notion of an artist settling into his old age. Most of the paintings in this exhibition represent an extremely relaxed state of being, as if to illustrate the notion that sometimes it’s the serenity that allows us to enjoy what’s been obscured by white noise all along.

Bonus: The Meisel Gallery is also exhibiting work by Peter Maier right now.

(Sunrise/Sunset runs through 5/4 @ The Bernarducci Meisel Gallery,
37 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor.)

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