Frank Zappa on Organized Religion (1986)

“All the early bias against rock n roll started off as a racist bias. And then as rock n roll started to be performed by white people, then that shifted to something else. But at the heart of it is kind of a sick attitude toward music and toward what people do for enjoyment. People are entitled to enjoy themselves. You have a right to enjoy yourself, you do not have the right to hurt someone else while you’re enjoying yourself … You know what has caused more wars, more unhappiness, more misery, more problems than anything else in history is religion. That is the basis of it. But you have to look at what really happened there, because it is the people that sell you the religion and the way they try to mold you into using their product. When they say, ‘We’ve got the only one. Ours is the best. Those people don’t believe like we do.’ that leads to war.”