Film Capsule: After Earth

I am reminded of the late great film Director John Hughes, who was once quoted as saying, “The first objective is to make a good movie. The second objective is to have a hit. If you get it backward, you probably won’t get either.”

I am reminded of After Earth co-writer Will Smith, who revealed in a 2009 60 Minutes interview that – early on in his career – he and his agent got together and researched the top 10 highest grossing motion pictures of all-time. The majority of Smith’s early film choices were a reflection of common elements from those 10 motion pictures.

I am reminded of Director M. Night Shyamalan, who has either given up on the idea of admirable storytelling altogether or is suffering from the mistaken belief that – much like Alfred Hitchhock – his biggest flops will not be fully appreciated until several decades after he’s gone.

Finally, I am reminded of this, and then this. And then nothing.

After Earth.

(After Earth opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow.)