Galleria: Time of Change @ Howard Greenberg Gallery

bruce-davidson-time-of-changeLast month, the Howard Greenberg Gallery debuted “1963” – a group exhibition of black and white photos which chronicled everything from Bob Dylan and The Beatles to the assassination of President Kennedy. As of today, the gallery adds a month-long solo show entitled “Time of Change: Civil Rights Photographs”. This series of black and white prints – all of which were taken between 1961 and 1965 – captures the essence of racial intolerance and social upheaval in this country. Certain images are sure to stick with you, specifically because of their accompanying messages – “Damn the Defiant,” “Don’t Cry When They Lynch Me,” and “Whites Only,” chief among them. All told, Bruce Davidson’s solo collection provides the perfect compliment to more than a dozen signature photos already on display. The combination is a must-see for any ardent student of the fight for civil liberties.

(Time of Change by Bruce Davidson runs through July 6th @ Howard Greenberg Gallery, Free, 41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406)

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