Galleria: Voice Tunnel @ The Park Avenue Tunnel

TUNNEL1-articleLargeWhat exactly do you do when New York City gives you nearly a half-mile worth of underground real estate to use as your own personal canvas? Well, if you’re a Mexican-Canadian artist named Rafael Lozano-Hammer, you fill that space with 150 speakers, 300 booming spotlights and enough reels of cord to cross the Atlantic. Then you invite an entire city down below, and quite literally allow the installation to engage in a conversation with each party – spotlights pulsing panoramically based on the level of ambient noise. The end result feels a little bit like the climactic scene fromĀ Close Encounters, especially during peak hours, which fall anywhere between 9 am and noon over the next couple of Saturdays. The real draw, however, is the fact that the Park Avenue Tunnel is actually open to pedestrians (and closed to traffic) during installation hours. It’s a pretty nice walk for a Saturday.

(Voice Tunnel by Rafael Lozano-Hammer will be on display in the Park Avenue Tunnel this Saturday, August 10th and next Saturday, August 17th, from 7 am to 1 pm.)

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