A Chronological List of 27 Notes I Made During a Recent Screening of Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’

  1. The silence feels so welcoming
  2. Brilliant camerawork
  3. Early dialogue plays like it was written for a video game
  4. First 15 minutes, one continuous take
  5. First 15 minutes, all tell
  6. Amazing how they accomplish this without inducing motion-sickness
  7. Bullock: “Well, you know what.” (non sequitur)
  8. Only one major cut during initial 25 minutes
  9. Clooney = soothing
  10. The sense of security that comes along with being attached to somebody
  11. Swingin’ On a Star
  12. Lake Zurich = What a wonderful place to raise a family
  13. Set adrift inside the womb
  14. Major Tom/”Space Oddity”
  15. What motivates someone to make a critically-acclaimed space movie?
  16. Holy Toledo!
  17. Please don’t let this movie have a happy ending
  18. Inscrutable attention to detail
  19. “Nothing can hurt you up here.”
  20. Final 15 minutes, all show
  21. “Rocketman”
  22. How’d-he-do-dat?
  23. Quite a feat
  24. Circle of Life
  25. That final sequence was astonishing
  26. 2001
  27. Totally forgot about my M&Ms

(Gravity arrives in theaters nationwide today.)