Joel Meyerowitz on Ephemeral Connections (2012)

“When I think about my photographs, I understand that my interest all along has not been in identifying a singular thing, but in photographing the relationship between things – the unspoken relationship, the tacit relationship, the impending relationship. All of these variables are there if you choose to see in this way, but if you choose to only make objects out of singular things you’ll wind up shooting the arrow into the bull’s eye all the time, and you’ll get copies of objects in space. I didn’t want copies of objects. I wanted the ephemeral connections between unrelated things to vibrate. And if my pictures work at all, at their best they are suggesting these tenuous relationships. That fragility is what’s so human about them. And I think it’s what’s also in the Romantic tradition because it is a form of Humanism that says, ‘We’re all part of this together.’ I’m not just a selector of objects. There are plenty of photographers who are great photographers, but who only work in the object reality frame of reference. They collect things. I don’t think of myself as a collector. It’s my sense of where I’m different from other people, and that’s not a measure or a judgment. It’s just a sense of your own identity. For me the play is always in the potential. It’s like magnetism.”