Galleria: ‘Save The Village’ by Fred W. McDarrah @ Steven Kasher Gallery

41815_h2048w2048gtGreenwich Village – a constant battle between classes, with the Old Guard all but gutted by an onslaught from the New. To this day, there are very few places that evoke a changing time so vigorously. This exhibition – featuring images by deceased Village Voice photographer Fred McDarrah – captures the iconography of that period by way of its protagonists, antagonists, outliers and queers. Here we find Robert Moses, making mincemeat of the Battery. There we find Bobby Kennedy, on a day trip to the slums. Here is Andy Warhol. There is Bobby Dylan … their times-already-changin’, preserved forever via lens.

(Save The Village continues at Kasher Gallery through March 8th, Free,
521 West 23rd Street.)

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