Aaron Swartz on Controlling The Means of Information In The Digital Age (2007)

“In the old system of broadcasting, you were fundamentally limited by the amount of space in the airwaves. You could only send out 10 channels over the airwaves for television, right? Or even with cable, you had 500 channels. On the internet everybody can have a channel. Everyone can get a blog or a Myspace page. Everyone has a way of expressing themselves. And so what you see now is not a question of who gets access to the airwaves, it’s a question of who gets control over the ways you find people. You start seeing power centralizing on sites like Google. These are sort of gatekeepers that tell you where on the internet you want to go, the people who provide you your sources of news and information. So it’s not only certain people who have a license to speak. Now everyone has a license to speak. It’s a question of who gets heard.”

(Excerpted From Steal This Film II)

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