19 Plot Devices ‘Furious 7’ Completely Stole from Better Movies (or Other Pop-Culture Entities)

FURIOUS-71. A Mamacita waving her kerchief to signal the start of a drag race. (Grease)

2. The hero dropping several stories out a window with a woman in his arms, landing on the roof of a car back-first to protect her from injury. (The Dark Knight)

3. Detonating a bomb in a police department/govt building that results in debris and papers floating down amidst the chaos as the bad guy walks away unscathed in pursuit of an Asian national. (The Dark Knight)

4. The use of cellphone sonar to create a high-frequency generator. (The Dark Knight)

5. Wrapping someone’s leg in a dark nylon rope which is attached to a weight, which is, in turn, kicked over a ledge, thereby forcing the adversary over that ledge, as well. (The Dark Knight)

6. “Close to the chest.” – var. “vest” (A throwaway line from Furious 7 that would not be notable except for the fact it appears three times during The Dark Knight.)

7. Luring an enemy back to your home turf, thereby squaring the advantage. (James Bond: Skyfall, also Superman II)

8. Said enemy arriving on home turf in a fully-weaponized military helicopter. (James Bond: Skyfall)

9. A female operative stepping out of the ocean in a bikini, while male protagonist leers at her from the beach. (James Bond: Die Another Day)

10. The hero and the bad guy charging at each other, then leaping and meeting in slow-motion, mid-air. (The Matrix)

11. “You can’t be dead because I love you.” (The Matrix)

12. An action sequence that takes place atop a skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates, ending with the protagonists catching their breath along the edge of a high-story window. (Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol)

13. Massive transportation vehicle dangling over the edge of a cliff, forcing the hero to race forward, then jump for his life. (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

14. Vehicles being sucked out of the back of a cargo plane by a parachute. (Uncharted 3: A Thief’s End)

15. The bad guy being a highly-trained special ops veteran, extremely skilled in the use of explosives. (Lethal Weapon)sgtriggsunittattoo16. Triangulating someone’s position across multiple computer monitors, then following that person’s every move across a city grid. (Enemy of the State)

17. The Rock Bottom (World Wrestling Entertainment)

18. The white hats riding off into the sunset. (Take your pick)

19. RACER X (May 1998, Vibe)