Film Capsule: Rehearsal For a Sicilian Tragedy

OK, let’s keep this simple: If you maintain a keen interest in the storied history of Palermo, the grand tradition of Sicilian theater, and/or the deep family lineage of John Turturro, there’s a very good chance you might enjoy Rehearsal For a Sicilian Tragedy. Otherwise, not so much.

Either way, there sure is a whole lot of wisdom milling about in this film – the old-world variety that might very well make for a highly entertaining half-hour on the History or Travel Channel. Unfortunately, that same wisdom does not translate in the form of a full-length documentary. Che tragedia!

(Rehearsal For a Sicilian Tragedy will be screening as part of the Stranger Than Fiction Series at the IFC Center in New York City on Tuesday, January 8th, @ 8 pm. Both John Turturro and Director Roman Paska will be in attendance. Tickets are available here.The film is also available on DVD via First Run Features.)