Film Capsule: The ABCs of Death

Here is what you need to know about The ABCs of Death (a 26-chapter montage of fatal shorts, helmed by 26 international directors, each of whom chose a word/phrase beginning with a different letter of the alphabet to base his/her film around): A quarter of the way through, there is a 5-minute short featuring a pair of Asian schoolgirls, one of whom strips down to her panties before farting directly into the other’s face for a full 45 seconds (almost one-fifth of the entire feature). The other, meanwhile, positions herself downwind and center, allowing the putrid gas to waft directly at and through her. Once the fartee has become sufficiently entranced by the farter, the farter relies upon some strange other-worldly power to suck said fartee full-borne into her sphincter, at which point the two of them appear reunited, giddy and naked, fluttering carefree and unscathed through the ambient depths of her intestine.

F is for “Fart”.

How’s that for a synopsis?

(The ABCs of Death is currently available via Video OnDemand. It arrives in limited release on March 8th.)