Galleria: Time & Space (Brian Rose and Edward Fausty @ Dillon Gallery)

TexacoIt was more than 30 years ago when now-accomplished photogs Brian Rose and Edward Fausty began to document the Lower East. This was a time when New York City still retained its sense of grit; when Greenwich Village was still struggling to move ahead without forgetting. To experience that East Side today is to feel your Village heart laid low. It is the story of a disappearance, if not a slow migration. In that spirit, Time & Space presents the New York that we talk about when we talk about New York. The beauty of this exhibition being Brian Rose set out again a few short years ago, this time to document the same East Side a full three decades now removed. If anything, these photos serve as a reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But they also leave a sense of setting out again at twilight, if not the very awkward feeling it’s much later than you know.

(Time & Space runs through April 9th at the Dillon Gallery in Chelsea, Free, 555 W. 25th Street.)

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