Film Capsule: Spring Breakers

One can only imagine what type of lather Jimmy Franco might be working himself into right this moment, what with the prospect of a good Franco versus bad Franco Franco weekend at the theater. So yin. So yang. So Franco. So what?

Here’s what: James Franco provides a pretty awesome turn via his role in Spring Breakers. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Franco puts 10x as much into this role as he did The Great and Powerful. And yet, Franco only represents one tiny fraction of the whole. You’ve got mad ballers, shot callers, and a real-life troupe of Mouseketeers. You’ve got hedonism and capitalism, both masquerading as evangelicalism. You’ve got degradation and exploitation; you’ve got free lunches set in mousetraps. You’ve got paradise and innocence, both of them disappearing in the muck. You’ve got a fast-humming screenplay, spinning by in a blur. You’ve got sex and death and love and fear, each of them sucking you down until you just can’t see the light. And – assuming you’re Annapurna Pictures or Harmony Korine – you sure as shit have got yourself one hell of a cult classic.

Spring break. Spring break. Spring break, forever.

Now that’s the way we OGs like it.

(Spring Breakers opens in limited release today in New York and Los Angeles, with a national rollout to follow.)