Film Capsule: The Pretty One

Jake Johnson is a comer, a guaranteed presence via every movie he’s appeared in. Generally cast as either the cool-ass Bro (Safety Not Guaranteed) or platonic No (Drinking Buddies), Johnson also plays a recurring character in the FOX sitcom, New Girl. He’s got a voiceover in The Lego Movie (opening this weekend), and a significant role in Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World (slated for release in June of 2015).

Like I said: “Jake Johnson = comer.”

Unfortunately, Johnson also plays the only sympathetic character in Jenee LaMarque’s The Pretty One – a schizophrenic indie romp featuring Zoe Kazan in dual roles (a career choice twice as bad). The Pretty One‘s writing is stale, the story’s macabre, and you’re constantly distracted by that fat dude from Zodiac. Regardless, Mr. Johnson comes off swimmingly. I mean, he always does. The dude is just a pro.

(The Pretty One arrives in limited release this coming Friday.)