A List of 21 Non Sequiturs I Jotted Down During a Recent Screening of The Movie ‘Jobs’

  1. Will Apple be offering this movie via iTunes?
  2. Woz = Ewok, Wookie, Cha-Ka, etc.
  3. Woz up?
  4. Delaney tweet
  5. After-school special
  6. iMagination Nil
  7. “Let’s not go to Silicon. It’s a silly place.”
  8. Ashton Kutcher just Punk’d Steve Jobs.
  9. Kutcher is to Steve Jobs as Jim Carrey was to Kaufman
  10. Kutcher has annoying habit of either over- or under-enunciating hard consonants
  11. Did Jobs envision himself being played by an underwear model?
  12. Matthew Modine, Dark Knight Rises (suddenly popping up all over the big screen)
  13. Joshua Michael Stern, Director – Swing Vote? (Oi vey)
  14. Still waiting for the brilliant tell-all documentary
  15. Never make casting decisions based upon a headshot
  16. Chris Kutcher
  17. Dig up Woz reaction
  18. Looking forward to DVD featurette during which lead cast continually refers to Steve Jobs’ life and career as his “journey”.
  19. Jobs: It’s the “Lisa” of big-money biopics
  20. Movie feels like it might’ve been researched by a crack team of interns
  21. How can America rid itself of its Kutcher problem, once and for all?

(Jobs arrives in theaters nationwide this Friday, August 16th.)